Off road racing has become a very popular and exciting sport.  There are numerous auto aftermarket manufacturers who build and sell performance off-road parts.  These parts are used to enhance performance and can be obtained for most brands of auto/truck builders.  Our customer is a builder of many different parts used by off-roaders. They wanted to find a way to advertise their name at races and other events.  We suggested using stenciling as a marketing tool. We now provide their DOM tubing, used for their parts, with their brand name stenciled in large block white lettering, repeating every few feet on the tube.

From Steel Plates to Tubes

A significant customer of ours, a builder of specialized machinery, who purchases various items of carbon steel tubing from us for applications in their machines also used 4140 alloy steel plate for spacers.  The alloy plate was being flame cut into thick rings by their supplier.  The rings were then sent out to another source for heat treatment to achieve a higher hardness. The entire process was time consuming and very expensive.  We recommended replacing the flame cut rings with 4140 Q&T alloy tubing, that was cut to the customers required length for the spacers saving time and, more importantly, significant money.

Job Kits

A long term customer of ours bought random lengths of various DOM sizes for years. They would receive them, cut them to multiple small lengths, separate for each work station, and restock or scrap any drops. After working closely with the customer, we were able to provide an effective program to increase their internal efficiency and reduce their cost. We now make many different length cuts, on various sizes, and arrange them in a “job-kit”. Now when they receive, they can place a box at each work station and start working!

Water Pump Shafting

We had a customer who was having to replace their water pump shafts every few months due to corrosion. They were using ceramic coated bar stock and while in the ground, sand would eventually wear out the whole shaft. We provided him with a more durable solution, induction hardened chrome plated bar in a custom diameter size. The results of this change have allowed these shafts to stay operating for years at a time now.

Fruit Press

Commercial grade fruit presses use large hydraulic cylinders to crush the fruit. This customer used the standard 48-hour corrosion resistant chrome bar. Working with acidic juices causes corrosion of the chrome shafting within the press. Team Tube offered our nationally distributed Stelmi 500-hour corrosion resistant chrome bar. This switch has increased the life of each cylinder used in these fruit presses, saving the company time and money for downed machines.

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