A vision is born

A group of friends, each with years of experience in the steel service center industry, started Team Tube LLC in 1995 in the Pacific Northwest.  The focus of the new company was to provide rapid, reliable, and knowledgeable service with a full range of round steel tube and bar inventory to meet the needs of the market.

We opened our first location in Portland, Oregon to specifically serve the tube and bar product needs of a number of different industries including the logging industry and fluid power manufacturing and repair industry in the area.  The demand for our products quickly allowed us to expand to a second location in Seattle, Washington.  The addition of another service center enabled us to efficiently provide rapid deliveries and serve the entire Pacific Northwest region with “instant steel” for our core products.

While growing to serve businesses ranging from small machine shops to major manufacturers in the metal industry we have been able to maintain our original vision of providing “instant steel”, while focusing on customer needs and our core products, round mechanical tube and bar. This has empowered our growth as we have expanded across the country.

National Expansion

By 2001 we opened two more branches, one in Sacramento to serve Northern California and soon afterwards in the Los Angeles area to serve Southern California and the Southwest.  In addition to our strength in providing materials to fluid power and our traditional manufacturing customers, our expansion into California was fueled in part by wanting to bring our vision of instant steel to other industries.  Many of those industries are somewhat unique to the Southwest, such as automotive aftermarket products.

In 2004 we opened our Chicago branch.  It provided us easy access to this massive transportation hub which allowed us to serve vast new regions and industries across the East and Midwest, including agriculture, construction, off-road mobile equipment, and the booming energy sector.


It is our ability to quickly ship cut lengths from a comprehensive range of our core products to customers in markets anywhere across the country that fuels the Team Tube advantage.

Many of our customers are repairing or building components for mission-critical heavy machinery in a time sensitive environment.  When equipment is offline you’re losing money. It is our mission to solve that problem by delivering critical replacement materials rapidly - and we can generally ship any of our products, to any customer, within the day.


Looking to the future

Even as we have grown, Team Tube has maintained a corporate culture that sometimes feels more like a big family.  We work to develop talent wherever we find it and many Team Tube regional managers will tell you stories about how they got started in a Team Tube warehouse.  Homegrown talent and a dedication to cultivating caring people has been the fuel of our growth and will remain so as Team Tube continues its expansion into new markets serving customers in almost every industry and region across the USA.

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