In today’s competitive business environment,  companies ranging from OEMs to hydraulic repair shops require fast responses from their vendors, from quoting to delivery, to remain competitive.  In addition to Team Tube’s large inventory and our same day processing capabilities, we have partnered with some of the best in the freight handling industry to ensure your orders are delivered on time and in good condition.


Team Tube's Shipping and Packaging Capabilties:

Shipping - Same day shipping of in-stock product is standard.

Strategically located Team Tube branches means minimum delivery time to any destination.


  • LTL Common Carriers via flat bed or box van to any North American destination inside the US and Mexico.
  • Truckload contract carrier to any North American destination in the US and Mexico.
  • UPS shipments to US and International destinations:  Next Day Air, Second Day Air, or Ground.
  • Delivery to local docks for barge shipment to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Air freight to worldwide locations-all Team Tube branches are located close to international airports. We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of air shipments, as well as export paperwork.


  • All products are shipped considering method of cartage in appropriate packaging to protect from damage.  Special overseas packaging is available.
  • Chrome Plated bar, tubing, and Nitro Bar is packaged in either cardboard tube, or cardboard tube and waterproof paper, or cardboard tube and wood crate.
  • Honed ID Tubing & Nitro Tubing - Steel sheet caps banded to end, welded steelplate end caps, or wood crates are used to protect the Honed ID.
  • Suitable to Hone, DOM, HFS, CDSM tubing are protected similar to honed ID tubing
  • Driveline Tubing - packaged in hardboard boxing to eliminate handling dents.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Line - packaged in cardboard tubes or hardboard boxing.
  • Extra charges may apply for special packaging.
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